"sad grrrls club presents" Events

Sad Grrrls Club prides itself on our inclusive and diverse events. Sad Grrrls Club Presents events have access to our social network reach, mailing list, and web listings to help get word of your event out to our network. 

If you'd like your next event to be presented by Sad Grrrls Club, it has to meet a few eligibility criteria:

- Diversity: Sad Grrrls Club events must meet a minimum requirement for gender diversity - that's kinda our shtick - either each band/act must have at least one non-male member, or the total number of non-male performers must be at least 50% of the total number of performers.  Need help finding acts? Check out our musician database.

Safety: Both the venue and performers must agree to the implementation of the Sad Grrrls Club Safer Spaces Policy. The policy must be posted in any event description online, and must be placed in a prominent position at the entrance to the event. The policy should also be read out either by the first band on stage before they start, or by a Sad Grrrls Club representative before the first band. Download the Safer Spaces Policy.

Inclusivity: Where possible, venues should be wheelchair accessible and should have at least one gender neutral bathroom. Check out a list of our suggested venues.

If your event meets these criteria, contact RMC at manager@sadgrrrlsclub.com with the event details. We'll set up an event page through our Facebook, as well as send out a press release to all our media contacts and promote through our website, mailing list, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.