About us

Sad Grrrls Club is a promotions & events agency (and sometimes record label) that’s all about promoting gender diversity, inclusivity and safety in the live music community in Australia. Sad Grrrls Club is run and maintained by Rachel Maria Cox, a non-binary musician based in Newcastle NSW, who was inspired to start the project in 2015 after becoming fed up with being the only female or non-binary person on the majority of line ups they played on.

Since 2015, Sad Grrrls Club has worked with over 150 bands and artists across a number of events and releases. The flagship event, Sad Grrrls Festival, has run in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and will return in 2019. In 2018, Sad Grrrls Club also launched “Not Just Grrrls” as a banner for smaller events and curated stages at larger events including Mountain Sounds Festival, Not Fest, King Street Crawl and Darby Street Live.

Cox has been nominated for the inaugural Australian Women In Music Diversity Award for their work with Sad Grrrls Club, and Sad Grrrls Fest 2018 also won the Laundry Echo “Tour of the Year” Award. In 2019, Sad Grrrls Club are nominated for the Laundry Echo “Independent Record Label of the Year” award as well.

Inspired by Sad Girls y Que, Riot Grrrl and Sad Girl Theory. Sad Grrrls Club is informed by the values of intersectional feminism and aims to be inclusive of all people. Feedback on how we can be more inclusive and intersectional is welcome via our contact page.