Dogood is doing good

By Laura Kebby

            I had a moment this morning, when I revisited a track called “Napier Street” where I was almost kicked out of whichever library I happened to be mooching free wifi from, after yelling profanity at my computer. For me, the thing that makes a song so great is relatability. When we truck through life, especially through relationships, sometimes all we want is closure, a resolution. After all, we are a generation of immediacy and action. But sometimes we are left hanging and it’s awful. But the best thing about this whole process, is finding a song or a collection of tunes that make us feel less like a heartbroken idiot and more importantly a lot less alone. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the bright, bubbly and oh so on point Alexandra Duguid aka DoGood to chat about all things music.


            Hearing about how artists get involved with Sad Grrrls fest is the real happy ending of the internet. Forget your cute cat videos and the #epicfails (actually don’t because both of those things are hilarious) artists and creatives connecting with other artists and creatives is what it’s really all about. “RMC and I were friends on Twitter for ages, we finally met when they came to Melbourne for Sad Grrrls fest last year. I just wanted to be involved in any sort of capacity, in any way I could, so I started tagging along to events and helping out here and there when and where I could. When RMC asked me to play of course I said yes!”. The passion in Alex’s voice when discussing Sad Grrrls fest is so infectious it kind of made me both stoked and proud that I’m also, even in a really small way, involved in a cool community. “Some of my favourite bands ever, are on that line up, and I get to play that line up, which is just a really incredible experience for me in itself”.


            Through her tunes, DoGood strikes this wonderful balance between sweet pop and flipping sassy as all hell wit. Her songs sit so comfortably in your ears, a perfect accompaniment to a morning walk or commute, but they also double as witty retorts laced with this perfectly balanced sugar coated bitterness. Kind of like how you would respond when you run into an ex where the relationship ended badly. You’re an adult so you smile and say things like “suuuuper happy for you” but inside you’re picturing throwing coffee in their face. Ok… Now back to Napier Street. There is a really cool video clip accompaniment that goes along with the track. It’s kind of centred around the motion of the day to day, which for me personally, kind of reminds us that some people can in fact get stuck in our heads and tend to stick around, annoyingly so. The context and general feeling behind the track however, was more a by product of the creative process. That and as a a writer, I definitely look into things a lot more than perhaps most people do. “I never purposefully try to write my songs either happy or sad, it sounds wanky but it’s just kind of whatever comes out that’s the way it is. It takes me so long to write a song, I really have to kind of wait things to pop into my head before I can really sit down and write them”. Although she is used to playing the solo acoustic show, Alex let me know about her intentions to “step it up” and play with a full band. “Im really excited to play with, I guess, a fuller sound behind me”. Knowing the intricacies and pride behind her sound, this is something that I’m thoroughly looking forward to as well. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your stuff before? I asked through sips of coffee. It’s always a tough question to ask of artists because sometimes the live experience can be introspectively candid. But Alex, a clear wiz with words summed it up so perfectly; “I’d say my music is overly emotional guitar pop”, which both hits the nail on the head and reminds me why her music has dominated my headphone time.


            I can’t rave about DoGood enough, it’s safe to say I walked away from the interview with two things in my mind. 1) Hot damn I am excited for Sad Grrrls fest and 2) How lucky I am that wonderful artists like DoGood take the time to chat with me about their talents. So now, back to the library writing this story. Here’s to you DoGood, wavelengths, awesome tunes and all things overly emotional.