Sad Grrrls Club is a promotions agency run by Rachel Maria Cox, aiming to promote gender diversity in the Australian Music Industry. Sad Grrrls Club can help curate the live music for your event, or Sad Grrrls Club DJs are available for festival and function bookings - get in touch with Rachel at manager (at) sadgrrrlsclub (dot) com to find out what we can do for your event.

Established in 2015, some notable achievements of Sad Grrrls Club are:
- 2015 Sad Grrrls Tour and Festival ran across five Australian States/territories and included artists such as Jess Locke, Bec Stevens and Georgia Maq (Camp Cope)
- 2016 Sad Grrrls Festival established itself as a tastemaker’s festival, selling out in Melbourne and featuring artists such as Camp Cope, Alex Lahey, CLEWS, Egoism, Julia Why? and many more.
- 2017 Sad Grrrls Festival continues this trend of breaking artists, with line ups including Moaning Lisa, Huntly, The Lazy Susans, Sportsbra, Eillish Gilligan and BATTS.
- Across all Sad Grrrls Club events, we have worked with over 140 different bands and artists with female and non-binary members.
- For their work with Sad Grrrls Club, Rachel Maria Cox was nominated for the inaugural Women In Music Awards’ Diversity Award, and have also spoken at BIGSOUND music conference and Fast Forward music conference about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the music industry.
- Through Not Just Grrrls, a project started to provided curated stages as partnerships with other events, Sad Grrrls Club has hosted stages at King Street Crawl, Darby Street Live & Darby Street Winter Live, Midsumma Festival, Not Fest and Mountain Sounds Festival.

Sad Grrrls Club Operated as a DIY record Label for many years. To view and purchase releases from Rachel Maria Cox, Antonia & The Lazy Susans, Jo Neugebauer, Kate Smith & Dog Dirt, visit our bandcamp page.

To see upcoming and previous events, check out our Facebook page